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ARES Resource Manuals

This manual is intended to serve as a quick trainer and reference for amateurs deployed in the field for
emergency services work, primarily through the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). It provides
basic program information, forms and operating aids. A number of templates can be customized for the
local area to include reference information such as important phone numbers, emergency frequencies, maps,
organizational details and so forth.

StanARES Field Guide 2023

StanARES Frequency Guide

STanARES Function in EOC Description

ARES Manual-2015

ARES Resource Manual – 2019

ICS Form 214 – Activity Log

ICS 214 Unit Log

Suggested Deployment Equipment list

*2M/70cm Handheld & Mobile Radio
Spare battery pack for HT
Speaker/mike for HT:
Home Resource Notebook
Map of Stanislaus County
Spiral Notebook
SCARES Field Manual
72 Hr Go Kit
Food & Water
Assorted Spare Ant.Connectors
Assorted Spare Fuses
Portable Packet Station
HF Radio
40M NVIS Di-Pole

When all else fails…Amateur Radio.